Gantry Rail Survey and Repairs


Panacea Engineers have developed special technique for Quick and Accurate Survey of Gantry Rails without need for long shutdowns. We use lasers for gantry survey and we have carried out survey of more than 10,000 meters of Gantry Rails at Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Sea Port and Engineering companies.

 Proper alignment of Gantry Rails is essential for safe and trouble free operation of Crane. Improperly aligned gantries lead to abnormal wear of wheel flanges and gantry rails, extra load on LT drive mechanism leading to failure of Gearbox, Wheel Axle, Wheel bearing, couplings and floating shafts, structural cracks and failure of end carriages as well as need for frequent replacement of wheels. However the biggest threat comes from derailment of crane and excessive load on crane supporting building. The loads due to misaligned gantry as well as mismatch between crane span and gantry span are so large that this leads to bending of wheel flanges specially in high speed cranes that is responsible for crane derailment.

 Gantry Rail Survey includes measurement of Gantry Rail span, Gantry Rail alignment - Straightness, Gantry Rail level undulation, difference between two gantry rails at same location and observation on condition of gantry rail & clamps including gaps/ misalignment at rail joints and wear. The measurements are made predetermined intervals and  the reading are plotted on graph for ease of understanding. When so requested by customer, we also under take survey of gantry girders and its alignment.

 The gantry rail survey is carried out for shops where the cranes are already in operation. We also provide services for checking of gantry girder span, alignment and level for buildings under construction. This greatly benefits in eliminating the future problems related to gantry rail alignments.

 We undertake turnkey repairs of Gantry Rail alignment based on gantry rail survey report if so desired by customer. The scope includes supply of Gantry Rail & Rail Clamps, Removal of existing rail and replacement of the same with new, rectification of alignment & levels of gantry rails, repair of damaged rail and strengthening of gantry girders if required from design consideration to avoid horizontal deflection of girder beyond permissible limits.

Gantry Rail Survey and Repairs Gantry Rail Survey and Repairs Gantry Rail Survey and Repairs
Gantry Rail Repair Rail Damaged due to rubbing of Wheel Flanges Gantry Rail Level checking using laser
Gantry Rail Survey and Repairs Gantry Rail Survey and Repairs Gantry Rail Survey and Repairs
Gantry Rail Repair at Port Gap at Rail Joint End Carriage damaged due Wheel flanges rubbing with Rail
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Gantry Rail Inspection Span Variation Graph  

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